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Our mission is to give homeowners instant answers to all of their pool questions.

PoolGuide.com is part of the Pool Marketing network of websites including PoolContractor.com, SwimmingPoolLoan.com, PoolDesigners.com, PoolMagazine.com and many others. Our mission is to share and grow knowledge about swimming pools. A vast amount of the questions asked by consumers is spread out across the Internet across a thousand different websites. We aim to consolidate that information here on our platform.

This is valuable to many people as expert information is currently only available to a few — it’s either locked in people’s heads, or only accessible to select groups. We want to connect the people who have the knowledge with the people who need it the most. Let’s bring together people with different perspectives to help answer consumer questions about swimming pools.

The potential of this is huge. If we can execute on our mission, we’re going to make a big impact on homeowners and the pool industry. We just need to get a smart group of people together that can get us there.

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Why Choose Pool Guide?
Our Values

1. Maximize Long-Term Value

We are building a platform supported by a sophisticated network that we hope lasts forever. We want to be a strong and independent engine, this long term focus guides all of the decisions we make. We are supported by a strong network of professionals in the pool industry as well as vetted industry experts and advisors, both in the associations we carry (Pool & Hot Tub Alliance members) and the sponsors we work with.

2. Be of service and provide good information

We value expert information from reliable sources. We also value laymens perspectives and consumer driven information. Pool Guide aims to provide the best of both worlds in this regard.

3. Executed by Professionals in The Pool Industry

We value people who have great ideas but can also articulate the hows and whys in a fact driven, polite and professional discourse, both with homeowners and with others in the pool industry. Our platform and team is moderated as such.

4. Be direct and respectful

We expect and welcome constant feedback. We trust each other to be open and straightforward, so if you have anything in mind don’t hesitate to call us.